A pint of sweat

This was an year of lots of ‘fist times’ for me..  Trip with a travel group, job switch, a lifelong commitment, this blog etc. one of the most significant additions to the list is entering a GYM and work myself up into lather.  For the initial 20 years of my life, I was one of those skinny girls who was frequently asked “oh god, why don’t you eat something?”

Cut to the chase,  I joined this IT world and that’s when the mishap began. Thanks to the sedentary job of sitting in front of an idiot box for 8 hours a day and the junk food, little flab started showing up.  After several failed attempts at early morning jog, I realized that I am not programmed to get up at 6 in the morning and that’s when my tête-à-tête with Gym started.

Here are a few reactions when people close to me learnt about my new relationship with treadmill, weights and yoga mat!

Mom (typical Nirupa Roy reaction): what, really?? You don’t need to join a gym, you are already thin! Remember that cousin of yours, she started looking malnourished after few weeks of work out. You will lose all the glow (she meant the baby fats on my face!).. we totally love the way you are beta, I ask you to quit right now!

I: but mom, I am just trying to tone a little, to hide those extra inches in a saree 😉

Mom: what rubbish..  you looked perfect the other day, you wore that saree. Are you trying to be Kareena, nobody likes size zero trust me 😀 Anyways I know am barking up the wrong tree, do whatever you want. (hung up the phone)

Mr Fiancé: that’s great! I am so proud of you! Hope that gym instructor is not bugging you..

Few days later- Babe you really don’t have to do this, all the body ache is not worth it.. you are just fine 🙂

Ex roomie 1 (texts): hahaha! This is a NEWS! Are you seriously going to a Gym.. but you hated that place 😀 way to go lazy bum!!

Ex roomie 2 (texts): LOL.. ROFL.. LMAO (and all the other possible slangs she knew) do you mean you are going to a Gym.. a real Gym? Have you put on weight 😀 hahaha..  hohoho..

Sister in law: ohh.. you are trying to become Deepika Padukone! Gym is a place for people like us, never mind, you just play around with all those machines and don’t starve yourself.

Gym Instructor: Welcome to KlubFit *grin*! Staying fit is no rocket science, just be regular (read, hire me as your personal trainer) and don’t give up (even after my third degree torture)!

Well, Its been few weeks and my tryst with this dreadful place continues. I am getting used to waking up to sore muscles and viewing pizza as a guilty pleasure. 🙂


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