My Bucket List

My-Bucket-ListIt’s the time of the year when I realize I have spent another 12 months doing good, bad and silly things and I can’t really do much about it now!

While I say goodbye to an extremely eventful year, am planning to ring in the New Year with a bucket list. I see almost everything struck down from the list I made on my last birthday which means this is the best time to prepare another one.

Here we go:

  • Go Scuba diving
  • Swim at an infinity pool
  • Go Stargazing
  • Spend some time away from my phone
  • Another tattoo
  • A beautiful living room in my house
  • Visit two new beaches
  • Learn yoga
  • A green balcony
  • Go trekking
  • Give shape to all the DIY ideas on my mind
  • A solo travel
  • Bake a cake for someone special

Looking forward to a great year ahead! 🙂